Dan Lutz.jpeg

Dan Lutz

Role: National Tournament Chair

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: "During quarantine, I adopted a cat named Enchilada and like his dad (aka me) he is also missing a tooth.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Daniel.Lutz@stonewallsports.org

Matt Williams.jpg

Matt Williams

Role: National Sport Liaison

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I have a shiba inu named Yoshi.”

Location: Washington, DC

Email: Matt@stonewallsports.org

Kristian Robinson.JPG

Kristian Robinson

Role: Tournament Experience and Operations Director

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I used quarantine as a time to become familiar with the real housewives franchises and have watched ~50 seasons in the last 8 months.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Kristian. Robinson@stonewallsports.org

rob leis.jpg

Rob Leis

Role: Tournament Operations & Logistics Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I love plants! I currently have about 40 but only because I've run out of window space for more!”

Location: Columbus, OH

Email: Rob.Leis@stonewallsports.org

Tommy Otterbine.jpeg

Tommy Otterbine

Role: Risk Management

Pronouns: He/Him

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Tommy@stonewallsports.org

Tom Magnan.jpeg

Tom Magnan

Role:  Fundraising Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Tom.Magnan@stonewallsports.org

Gabe Marenco-Garcia.jpg

Gabe Marenco-Garcia

Role: Summit Co-Director

Pronouns: He/Him/él

Fun Fact: “Not a day goes by that I DON'T have an avocado. I WILL eat it straight off the peel with a spoon.”

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Email: Gabe.Marenco@stonewallsports.org

Brian Heath.jpg

John Heath

Role: Summit Co-Director

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I used to be a music teacher and have a doctoral degree in education.”

Location: Raleigh, NC

Email: John.Heath@stonewallsports.org

John Schultz (John Cat).JPG

John Cat (John ScHULTZ)

Role: Sports Director

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I am a connoisseur of all things glitter.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: John.Schultz@stonewallsports.org

Kristian Spencer 2.jpeg

Kristian Spencer

Role: Volleyball Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I have a chapter published in a book on Women in Politics.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Kristian.Spencer@stonewallsports.org

Jen Imke.jpg

Jen Imke

Role: Volleyball Co-Director

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: “I was voted Class Clown of my senior class!”

Location: Cleveland, OH

Email: Jen.Imke@stonewallsports.org

joey williams.jpeg

Joey Williams

Role: Chapter Liaison & Dodgeball Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: "I went to 13 different schools before college.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Joey.Williams@stonewallsports.org

Michael Blake.jpg

Michael Blake

Role: Dodgeball Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I work with kids with special needs and help them learn independent living skills.”

Location: Cleveland, OH

Email: Michael.Blake@stonewallsports.org


Sam Hutter

Role: Dodgeball Co-Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Cleveland, OH

Email: Sam.Hutter@stonewallsports.org

Nic Wilson.jpeg

Nic Wilson

Role:  Bocce Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: "Shark week is my favorite week, and I’ve even swum with sharks.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Nic.Wilson@stonewallsports.org

Kate Valaitis.jpeg

Kate Valaitis

Role: Kickball Co-Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: "I'm a big fan of weird coffee mugs. Yes, I use my weird mugs when I'm on video calls.”

Location: Cleveland, OH

Email: Kate.Valaitis@stonewallsports.org

Daniel jongleux.jpg

Daniel Jongleux

Role: Kickball Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I’ve been to every Stonewall National Tournament.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Daniel.Jongleux@stonewallsports.org

Bartley Mullin.jpeg

Bartley Mullin

Role: Tennis Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I’m a certified stilt walker!”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Bartley.Mullin@stonewallsports.org

Ron Leedy.jpg

Ron Leedy

Role: Bowling Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I am a big Disney World fan and two years in a row I bought a season pass and went 7 times each of those years. I also participated in their Tower of Terror 10K run both years!”

Location: Raleigh, NC

Email: Ron.Leedy@stonewallsports.org

Marquis Mapp.jpg

Marquis Mapp

Role: Community Engagement Director

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Fun Fact: “Recently, I purchased my first pair of heels (because why not?), since then my world has changed!”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Marquis.Mapp@stonewallsports.org

mina recta.jpg

Mina Recta

Role: Beneficiary Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: “My name translates to "Happy Little Straight Girl". Go ahead and guess which part doesn't apply.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Mina.Recta@stonewallsports.org

Bryan Yamasaki 2.jpeg

Bryan Yamasaki

Role: Volunteer Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I do not like sleeping in temperatures at 28 degrees or lower.”

Location: Washington, DC

Email: Bryan.Yamasaki@stonewallsports.org

Mariea Terrell.jpg

Mariea Terrell

Role: Events Co-Director

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: "I have had my hair dyed every color of the rainbow at some point.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Mariea.Terrell@stonewallsports.org

Davon Wise.JPG

Davon Wise

Role: Events Co-Director

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “My favorite food is “pizza with a lil side of ranch.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Davon.Wise@stonewallsports.org

Nathaniel Cody.jpg

Nate Cody

Role: Events Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I have been the treasurer for Stonewall Sports Norfolk since its inception in 2018!! I have been so blessed to help Norfolk’s chapter grow.”

Location: Norfolk, VA

Email: Nate.Cody@stonewallsports.org

kevin allen harris.jpg

Kevin-Allen Harris

Role: TEA Club Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “Think the Lady Gaga Oreos are yummy? I've had every variety to come out, including international ones.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Kevin-Allen.Harris@stonewallsports.org

Tom Magnuson.jpg

Tom Magnuson

Role: Billiards Manager & TEA Club Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I have narcolepsy.”

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Email: Tom.Magnuson@stonewallsports.org

christo bubenik.jpg

Christo Bubenik

Role: Adventure Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: "One of my first bosses was Dolly Parton. I took old-time photos at Dollywood the summer before my senior year of high school.”

Location: Asheville, NC

Email: Chris.Bubenik@stonewallsports.org

Fred Tugas.jpg

Fred Tugas

Role: Marketing Director

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I’ve shared the South Carolina Pride Stage with Bianca Del Rio!”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Fred.Tugas@stonewallsports.org


Khemra Khriv

Role: Social Media Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I’m a minimalist. I’ve been wearing the same wardrobe everyday to work for the past few years.”

Location: Boston, MA

Email: Khemra.Khriv@stonewallsports.org

Gregg J.jpg

Gregg Johnson

Role: Communications Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I have visited 34 states and 22 countries.”

Location: Richmond, VA

Email: Gregg.Johnson@stonewallsports.org