Kickball Classic

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Lightning Game Rules (A Division) 

Tournament divisions

Location (Group A): Krenzler Field 1850 Chester Ave. Cleveland Ohio

Location (Groups B, C & D)
: Gordon Park 801 E 72nd Street Cleveland Ohio

Tournament Structure:

Up to 60 teams.

Minimum 12, maximum 22 players on roster.
Must have 12 registered and paid players to reach team status and be guaranteed a spot.
Up to 11 players permitted in the field on defense at one time.
Full rules found here 

Four separate tournaments/levels based on team focus on competition/skill vs. recreational/social. Each tournament will have pool play followed by playoffs, though exact format will vary by level based on various factors. Captains will choose their level, although we reserve the right to make adjustments as necessary in consultation with captains.
A: Most competitive/skills focused. 4 games/team guaranteed.
B: Lean competitive/skills focused. 3-4 games/team guaranteed.
C: Lean recreational/social. 3 games/team guaranteed.
D: Most recreational/social. 3 games/team guaranteed.

All details outlined above are subject to change at the Tournament Leadership's discretion. Captains will be expected to be the main communication channel for their players. All questions and issues should be brought to the Sports Directors to be resolved. Player conduct and game integrity is core to providing a positive experience for all. Tournament Leadership will have the express right to remove or ban a player without refund for violations of our player conduct policy.  


IMG_3569 (1).jpeg

Tim Jucovy

Role: Kickball Director

Pronouns: He/Him


Morgan Roth.jpg

Morgan Roth

Role: Kickball Co-Manager

Pronouns: He/Him


image0 (1).jpeg

Douglas Hardman

Role: Kickball Co-Manager


Flats_Bridges originals (48).jpg

Jen Reid

Role:  Kickball Umpire & Referee Manager 


Suz winter 2021.png

Suzanne Blum Grundyson

Role:  Kickball Umpire & Referee Manager