Henderson Softball Complex; 4319 Old Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23227

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Kickball will have two formats:

Round Robin Recreational Tournament: Two days of social round robin play. Cities will be divided evenly in pods. Top two teams will play an additional championship game.


Competitive Championship Tournament

  • Saturday, Sept. 18: Pool Play, teams split into pods created by random draw. Cities are divided as evenly as possible.

  • Sunday, Sept. 19: Single Elimination Tournaments:

    • Tournament A - Top 16 Teams

    • Tournament B - Remaining Teams


  • No limit on number of teams for Stonewall Sports Cities or non-Stonewall Sports cities

  • A team is only considered a team when 12 players have registered and paid.  Roster substitutions will only be allowed until Wednesday, August 4th.   After August 4th, no players can be added, changed, OR refunded unless cleared by the Tournament Chair and t-shirt sizes are not guaranteed.


  • Round Robin Recreational Tournament: 12-24 players.  12 player minimum to reserve team spot, 24 player maximum.

  • Two Day Competitive Tournament: 12-18 players. 12 player minimum to reserve team spot 18 player maximum.


Official Stonewall Kickball Tournament Rulebook (to be distributed after registration)


Registration is now closed.


$45 per player (plus processing fees) 

Includes t-shirt, water, awards, food and drink specials, and an all-access pass to weekend social events.

All details outlined above are subject to change at the Tournament Leadership's discretion. Captains will be expected to be the main communication channel for their players. All questions and issues should be brought to the Sports Directors to be resolved. Player conduct and game integrity is core to providing a positive experience for all. Tournament Leadership will have the express right to remove or ban a player without refund for violations of our player conduct policy.  


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Kate Valaitis

Role: Kickball Co-Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: "I'm a big fan of weird coffee mugs. My current top 3: my donut, a unicorn jumping over a rainbow and my recycling bin. I use my weird mugs when I'm on video calls.”

Location: Cleveland, OH


Daniel Jongleux. Richmond.Kickball Co Ma

Daniel Jongleux

Role: Kickball Manager

Pronouns: He/Him

Fun Fact: “I’ve been to every Stonewall National Tournament.”

Location: Richmond, VA