Supporting our Community

Community Engagement is an integral part of the Stonewall Sports Tournament experience. Our goal is to work collaboratively within and outside Stonewall Sports to elevate the mission of our organization as well as supporting our LGBTQIA+ community. We strongly believe by working together we can create positive and lasting change, and this year we want to support our community even more!


Our areas of focus include:

  • Building connections with sponsors to raise funds that we can invest in our community.  

  • Supporting a beneficiary. For the first time at our tournament we have identified a dynamic and hardworking nonprofit organization, the Nationz Foundation, whose work centers on LGBTQIA+ needs.

  • Mobilizing our player community and empowering them to volunteer and give back.

  • Facilitating conversations and teaming up with other community partners to create safe, fun, and healthy opportunities for our players and the LGBTQIA+ community across our 23 cities. 


This tournament is staffed by a huge number of volunteers and we can always use more help! If you'd like to help click the link below and we'll be in touch.

The Nationz Foundation

A portion of the proceeds from our tournament and summit will benefit Nationz Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Nationz mission is to provide education and information related to HIV prevention and overall health and wellness while inspiring the community to take responsibility for their health and working towards a more inclusive Central Virginia for LGBTQIA+ identified individuals.


Nationz Foundation actively conducts club and street outreach to disseminate information to the community related to HIV, STIs, and cancer. They have distributed over 600,000 condoms and other safe sex materials to date. Nationz has 2 mobile testing units that provide free HIV/STI testing within the community.  Nationz offers support groups to specifically support transgender communities and those living with HIV.  Through their "Aim 2 Inspire" program, the organization provides emergency housing and rental assistance to those in need. In addition, Nationz hosts a food pantry and mobile distribution program for individuals (prioritizing  LGBTQIA+ members) facing food insecurity. Lastly on February 4th 2021, Nationz opened their PrEP Clinic to help individuals who are HIV negative access PrEP to prevent the contraction of HIV. 

Community support

Community is a large part of who and what we are as an organization and with this in mind we wanted to provide a way to link players who have need of support and those who are willing to offer their support.

The document linked below is a community board. Post ways you might be able to help other tournament attendees or if you need some type of assistance. If you have room in your car and are comfortable offering a player from your city a ride post it here, or if you are looking for a roommate for the tournament let folks know by sharing it here! If you're looking for another player for your team or a team to practice with this is the place to share that information.


Marquis Mapp.jpg

Marquis Mapp

Role: Community Engagement Director

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Fun Fact: “Recently, I purchased my first pair of heels (because why not?), since then my world has changed!”

Location: Richmond, VA


mina recta.jpg

Mina Recta

Role: Beneficiary Manager

Pronouns: She/Her

Fun Fact: “My name translates to "Happy Little Straight Girl". Go ahead and guess which part doesn't apply.”

Location: Richmond, VA


Nic Wilson.jpeg

Nic wilson

Role: Volunteer Coordinator

Pronouns: He/Him 

Fun Fact: “Shark week is my favorite week, and I’ve even swum with sharks.”

Location: Richmond, VA


Tom Magnan.jpeg

Tom Magnan

Role: Fundraising Manager

Pronouns: He/Him 

Location: Richmond, VA