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Stonewall Sports, founded in 2010, is an LGBTQ+ and Ally community-based, non-profit sports organization that strives to raise funds for local non-profit organizations through organized sports. Our league values each player for who they are and what they bring to the each league's community. Our annual summer tournament is an opportunity for our growing community to join together in a weekend of sports, social events and community conversation. Along with past and current members of the Stonewall Sports community from across the country, we invite any and all LGBTQ+ and Ally athletes to join us.

The GuArdian logo

You'll be seeing the logo a lot, so why is it significant?

The National Tournament logo was inspired by the iconic Cleveland Guardians of Transportation statues that flank one of the most notable bridges in the city, the Hope Memorial Bridge. We simplified these art deco masterpieces and have them holding the LGBTQ+ flag in its protective grasp.

The "Cleveland" typeface below the logo is a strong, no non-sense form with a rainbow gradient shadow which gives a nice, subtle nod to the often unspoken Cleveland way of life: work hard, play hard. A way of life that enriches our population with pride, power, protection and progress.


And that's just what Stonewall Sports does for thousands of LGBTQ+ people across the country. Stonewall offers protection via support through friendship and spirited competition.


It instills a sense of power to each individual and team alike. It harbors a sense of pride - for our community, for our allies, for the human family.