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7th Annual Stonewall Sports National Tournament & Summit 
July 10-12 2020 - Cleveland, OH

Stonewall Sports provides inclusive, low-cost, high FUN non-profit sports leagues in 21 cities across the US. Every summer our organization joins together for a weekend of sport competition, social events and conversation around the issues facing our community. We invite any and all LGBTQ+ and ally athletes to join us in partnership with our current Stonewall Sports members as we gather to celebrate 10 years of Stonewall Pride in Cleveland!


In a word, Community.


We love of the strong sense of Community that Stonewall Sports - Cleveland has cultivated, and it's why they were selected as the host city for this exciting milestone. We believe that our goals of building safe, inclusive, spaces, where everyone can have fun and participate in sports, is best illustrated by Cleveland's commitment to diversity. 


Truly a place for all, Cleveland demonstrates what's possible when we focus on people and creating experiences that allow them to express the most authentic versions of themselves - seen and heard, valued and respected. 

This weekend is about more than just sports - it's an opportunity for the LGBTQ+ and ally community to join together for a weekend of community, events and Pride.